US Indo-Pacific commander slams China during speech in Australia

Beijing uses military intimidation and corruption to expand its control in the region: Davidson

File photo of US Admiral Philip Davidson.

File photo of US Admiral Philip Davidson. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – China seeks to control the Indo-Pacific region through military intimidation and corruption, United States Navy Indo-Pacific commander Admiral Philip Davidson told an audience in Sydney, Australia, Thursday (Feb. 13).

The senior officer’s remarks were likely to “inflame tension with China” following last month’s signing of a trade deal, news agency Reuters reported.

He told his audience that the U.S. was “all in” to resist growing Chinese influence in the region, including its “excessive territorial claims, debt-trap diplomacy, violations of international agreements, theft of international property, military intimidation and outright corruption,” Reuters said.

Referring to small island nations in the Pacific area, Davidson said “the Communist Party of China seeks to control the flow of trade, finance, communications, politics and the way of life.”

During his visit, the U.S. admiral also met with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Referring to the country’s allegations that China was involved in cyberattacks on its parliament and political parties, Davidson accused Beijing of intervening in free markets to hurt Australian companies just because Canberra defended its national security, Reuters reported.