Map shows all locations where face masks are available in Taiwan

Real-time map pinpoints all NHI stores where face masks can be bought in Taiwan

(Coronavirus app screenshot)

(Coronavirus app screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two French expats living in Taipei have created an app that shows all the locations in Taiwan where face masks can be purchased under the new rationing system.

The two designers, Kevin Basset (29) and his friend Maxime Michel (32), created a map that pinpoints all the locations in Taiwan where masks can be purchased at stores that are contracted with National Health Insurance (NHI). In an effort to stem the tide of panic buying, hoarding, and profiteering over face masks amid the Wuhan virus outbreak, the Taiwanese government launched a new rationing system for masks last Thursday (Feb. 6) that is based on IDs and limits each person to two per week.

Basset told Taiwan News the map is updated in real-time and that it is based on the latest data provided by the NHI. The map comes in English, traditional Chinese, and French and shows locations where both adult and children's masks can be purchased.

The two have also created an interactive map showing the locations where those infected with the disease are located around the world, as well as those who died and have recovered. Basset said the data for the map of the outbreak was World Health Organization data, along with the health organizations of other governments.

Updated : 2021-04-18 23:13 GMT+08:00