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Chinese woman in Wuhan intentionally spits on community doorknob

Surveillance camera shows woman’s suspicious behavior in community with 30 confirmed coronavirus cases

Woman allegedly spits on community doorknob in Wuhan. (Youtube video screenshot)

Woman allegedly spits on community doorknob in Wuhan. (Youtube video screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A woman in the Chinese city of Wuhan was caught on surveillance camera sneaking about late at night and spitting on a public doorknob in her community, which has reported more than 30 confirmed coronavirus cases.

As medical teams around the world continue their efforts to battle the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, a resident of an apartment building in Wuhan came across camera footage of her neighbor's strange behavior on Saturday (Feb. 8). The suspicious woman was seen walking around the complex's lobby before bending down to spit on the doorknob of one of the gates.

According to ETtoday, the individual who discovered the footage immediately reported it to the community security guards. Moments later, several police officers in hazmat suits arrived at the scene and sanitized public areas inside the building.

Local police said that the case is currently under investigation and that they will reveal more details once the reason behind the woman's actions is made clear. They added that more than 30 of the building's residents have tested positive for the coronavirus and that more than 90 have fevers, so it is critical to stop any behavior that could endanger other residents of the community, reported Liberty Times.

The woman's strange behavior quickly drew criticism from netizens in China. Many people described the woman as "a demon walking on earth" and "a sociopath trying to take revenge on her own country" and urged authorities to punish her with prison time, reported UDN.

Updated : 2022-01-29 16:35 GMT+08:00