Former national security consultant impressed by Taiwan VP-elect's political charisma

Retired US national security advisor Joseph Bosco hopes Taiwan's president, vice president can one day make official visits to Washington

Former US Department of Defense official Joseph Bosco

Former US Department of Defense official Joseph Bosco (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's Vice President-elect William Lai (賴清德) has visited a Washington-based think tank, the Hudson Institute, as his trip to Washington, DC draws to a close.

On Friday (Feb. 7), Lai had a closed-door meeting with several high-profile East Asian experts at the institution, and the meeting was said to have been attended by members of the State Department and retired high-ranking officials, CNA reported. Joseph Bosco, former China country director for the secretary of defense, was also spotted.

Upon leaving the building, Bosco told a CNA reporter that it was great for Lai to visit Washington as a vice president-elect. He added that he hopes Taiwan's sitting vice president and president will one day be able to visit the capital, deliver a speech in front of Congress, or meet U.S. President Donald Trump.

"President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) should be invited to visit here, as she is today one of the most important political figures in the world, a big advocate of democracy as well as a paradigm of democratic governance and responsible leadership. She deserves respect and the honor to be invited to visit Washington, DC," said Bosco.

The retired national security consultant also complimented Lai, saying he was impressed by Lai's political charisma and diplomatic savoir faire and that he believed he would make a great vice president.

Another key figure attending Friday's closed-door meeting with Lai was Richard Bush, former AIT chairman and director of the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies of the Brookings Institution. Bush holds a similar view to Bosco and said it was a positive development that Lai exchanged opinions with Trump administration officials before being sworn into office.

Other participants spotted by the media included Office of Taiwan Coordination Director Ingrid Larson, Managing Director of the American Institute in Taiwan John Norris, and Executive Director of the Project 2049 Institute Mark Stokes.

Updated : 2021-01-26 02:14 GMT+08:00