Photo of the Day: Snow on Taiwan's Chiaming Lake

Snowy scene captured at charming Chiaming Lake in eastern Taiwan

Snow on Chiaming Lake. (Photo by Reddit user moreice45)

Snow on Chiaming Lake. (Photo by Reddit user moreice45)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After Taiwan saw frigid temperatures over the weekend, a hiker captured the rare sight of snow on Chiaming Lake (嘉明湖).

A punishing cold front brought snow to Taiwan's mountains, including a record of 25 centimeters of snow on Yushan in Nantou County. In Taitung County, Reddit user moreice45, a 20-year-old student from Taiwan, captured this spectacular photo of fresh snow surrounding the shimmering Chiaming Lake.

Chiaming Lake, located in Haiduan Township (海端鄉), Taitung County, is the second-highest lake in Taiwan. A renowned alpine lake, it is traditionally referred to as "Angel's Tear" due to its deep sapphire color.

Members of the indigenous Bunun Tribe call it the "Moon's Mirror," and the Chiaming Lake National Trail that leads up to it is an important habitat for wild animals, including Formosan sambar deer and the Formosan black bear. There are no streams or springs that feed the lake, therefore it relies entirely on rainfall for replenishment.

For information regarding the trail, visit the trail website or the Taiwan Forest Recreation website. For information about cabin and entry permits, call the Taitung Forest District Office at 089-324121, ext. 705, 713, or 715 during office hours.

Photo of the Day: Snow on Taiwan's Chiaming Lake
(rmoreice45 Reddit photo)

Updated : 2021-01-22 10:22 GMT+08:00