Taiwan Railways considers enforcing mask-wearing rule on passengers

Train cars cleaned and sanitized to secure health of Taiwan passengers: TRA

TRA trains sanitized daily amidst coronavirus fears. (TRA photo)

TRA trains sanitized daily amidst coronavirus fears. (TRA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To prevent the Wuhan coronavirus from spreading, the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) said Friday (Jan. 31) that the management team is considering upgrading preventive measures and insisting all passengers wear masks on the trains.

TRA told the media that it has implemented new precautions since Jan. 23 and will continue to coordinate with the Taiwanese government to slow the viral outbreak. It added that train operators have urged passengers to wear masks and pay close attention to their health over the intercoms inside the train compartments.

In response to the public's concern about the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), TRA said that hand sanitizers and thermometers are being provided at every train station in Taiwan while limited numbers of surgical masks are available for purchase at some stations. It pointed out that passengers might be required to wear masks when boarding trains if the epidemic worsens and that those who fail to comply with the regulation will be refused service, reported UDN.

The Taiwanese railway agency stressed that all of its trains are being cleaned and sanitized daily and that temperatures inside the compartments have been adjusted to around 22 degrees Celsius to reduce the chance of viral transmission. TRA added that proper sanitization is also being executed at station lobbies, vending machines, waiting areas, elevators, as well as public bathrooms, reported Liberty Times.