Temperatures dip to 2.9 degrees C in central Taiwan

Cold advisory issued for 20 municipalities as cold snap hits Taiwan

Temperatures dip to 2.9 degrees C in central Taiwan

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Temperatures in northern and central Taiwan plummeted to as low as 2.9 degrees Celsius early Friday (Jan. 31) under the influence of the first cold front of the season.

The lowest temperature was recorded in Taoyuan's Daxi District and Nantou's Chungliao Township at 2.9 degrees, followed by 3.5 degrees recorded in Nantou's Puli Township, New Taipei's Shu-lin District, and Yunlin's Huwei Township, setting the new record lows of the season. WeatherRisk company said the latest cold front could be the strongest in two to three years.

A cold advisory was issued for 20 cities and counties as the cold snap hit the island. The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said the cold weather will continue into Saturday (Feb. 1) and temperatures are forecast to drop to as low as 6 degrees in the western and eastern parts of the country.

Due to the influence of the radiant cooling phenomenon, the weather will remain cold in the early mornings and late evenings over the weekend, but the day-night temperature gap in the western and eastern part of the country could reach a high of 10 degrees. .

Temperatures are expected to bounce back Saturday afternoon as the cold snap eases, according to WeatherRisk. Snowfall is expected for mountains over 3,000 meters above sea level on Friday and Saturday.