Employers must provide masks to migrant workers in Taiwan during outbreak

Those failing to equip migrant workers with masks will risk fines and revocation of recruitment permits

Migrant caregivers in Taiwan 

Migrant caregivers in Taiwan  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — It is mandatory that employers provide surgical masks to migrant laborers in Taiwan whose employment as caregivers necessitates visits to hospitals or other medical institutions, said the country’s labor authorities.

As the coronavirus that originated in China continues to spread, employers should ensure the safety and health of their foreign employees. Not only must they provide masks to those working as carers, but they are also required to educate them on the country’s health regulations and keep them posted about the development of the epidemic, said the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

Those who do not will be subject to a fine of between NT$60,000 (US$1,981) and NT$300,000, risk annulment of their recruitment permits, and face a two-year ban on applying for permits to hire foreign workers, pursuant to the Employment Service Act.

In addition, the latest information regarding the viral outbreak is now available on a website dedicated to safeguarding the rights of migrant workers in Taiwan. Operated by the Workforce Development Agency, the website provides relevant information in Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai.

To reduce the chances of contracting the new virus, foreign workers are advised to adhere to hygienic practices, including wearing masks, washing hands with soap, and avoiding contact with wildlife and birds as well as cutting down on visits to crowded places, according to the MOL.

Call the 1955 labor hotline or 1922 disease prevention hotline for further information.