Chinese #MeToo activist released after detention

Activist-journalist Huang Xueqin imprisoned for 3 months after covering Hong Kong protests

Chinese female-right activist Huang Xueqin (南方傻瓜关注群 Facebook photo)

Chinese female-right activist Huang Xueqin (南方傻瓜关注群 Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Chinese female-rights activist, investigative journalist Huang Xueqin (黃雪琴) was released on Friday (Jan. 19), following three months of detention on the charge of inciting civil disorder.

"It is Xueqin, I am back. I am grateful for all the support I received even though I cannot thank everyone in person for now. I am convinced that a second of darkness will not turn anyone blind," a Chinese human rights-focused Facebook page posted after Huang's release.

Huang has worked for several Guangdong-based media outlets, such as Southern Metropolis Weekly, and initiated an investigation of sexual harassment against female journalists. She participated in the anti-extradition bill protests in Hong Kong last June and documented the events with a series of articles online.

Last August, she was barred from leaving China after returning to Guangzhou from Hong Kong, and police later confiscated her passport. On Oct. 17, while retrieving her passport, she was arrested on the charge of “picking quarrels and stirring trouble,” pertaining to the articles she wrote about Hong Kong.

Before that, Huang was particularly well known for her work in the Chinese #MeToo movement. In January 2018, she assisted Dr. Luo Qianqian (羅茜茜) in speaking about the sexual harassment of Chen Xiaowu (陳小武), a professor at Beihang University.