Former Taiwan Academia Sinica professor exposed for faking data

Taiwan scholar penalized for counterfeiting research on cancer, expected to return NT$1.8 m funding

Chen Ching-shih found guilty of falsifying data. (Academia Sinica photo)

Chen Ching-shih found guilty of falsifying data. (Academia Sinica photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's Academia Sinica revealed on Friday (Jan. 17) the results of its investigation into former researcher and anticancer expert Chen Ching-shih (陳慶士) for data fabrication.

Chen, former chair of cancer research at Ohio State University (OSU), resigned from the school in 2018 after being found guilty of generating false data and diagrams in eight research papers from 2006-2014. Around the same time, the Academia Sinica started an investigation into the 22 research papers Chen published during his tenure at the Taiwan academy.

After one year and eight months, the investigation team was able to confirm that four of Chen's 22 papers contained fake data and diagrams. The team said the counterfeit papers will either be dramatically revised or retracted, reported CNA.

Academia Sinica also discovered that some of Chen's research assistants were aware of the data fabrication and the investigation team will further investigate these individuals. The research institute pointed out that Chen was expected to return all NT$1.8 million (US$60,000) of research funding granted by the academy, according to New Talk.