Cold surge advisory issued in N. Taiwan

Continental cold air mass to bring chilly temperatures to northern Taiwan throughout weekend

NOAA satellite map of Western Pacific. 

NOAA satellite map of Western Pacific. 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As a continental cold air mass blasts into Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) issued a cold surge advisory today (Jan. 17) for parts of northern Taiwan, where the mercury could dip to as low as 10 degrees Celsius.

The CWB said that the continental cold air mass is moving southward, causing temperatures to drop in northern and northeastern Taiwan. The CWB also posted a cold surge advisory for New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, and Miaoli County.

The weather bureau predicted that the cold front, combined with radiative cooling, will bring chilly temperatures to the northern and northeastern parts of the country from today until Sunday (Jan. 19). The CWB added that temperatures could drop down to 10 degrees tonight and early Saturday morning (Jan. 18).

The effects of the cold air mass are expected to be most strongly felt until early Sunday morning, according to the CWB. During this period, lows are expected to range between 12 and 14 degrees in central and northern Taiwan as well as the northeast.

The CWB said that as the cold air mass begins to weaken on Sunday, temperatures will warm slightly, but highs will still only range between 21 and 22 degrees. Temperatures are likely to rise on Tuesday (Jan. 21), when the CWB predicts highs will reach 24 to 25 degrees across the country.

In terms of rainfall, the CWB said that there will be a chance of rain in Taoyuan and all areas north as well as in eastern Taiwan. However, it said the likelihood of rain will begin to diminish after this evening.

Strong wind gusts of up to Level 8 or 9 on the Beaufort scale could occur in Tainan and all areas north, eastern Taiwan (including Green Island and Orchid Island), the Hengchun Peninsula, and open coastal areas of Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu. Beachgoers are advised to beware of sudden, large waves in coastal areas during this period.