China alters military enlistment strategy

University graduates now primary focus of Chinese military recruiters

China changes military recruitment plan. (Wikimedia photo)

China changes military recruitment plan. (Wikimedia photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Chinese government has altered its military recruitment plan for the new year as it seeks to improve the quality of its armed forces.

According to Sina News, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense previously held military recruitment once every year, but starting in 2020, there will be two yearly recruitment sessions six months apart. Newly enlisted soldiers will still follow the current guidelines regarding discharge, serving at least two years before being released from their military obligations.

The Chinese military says that while it will continue seeking recruits fresh out of high school, but it will now shift its focus to target university graduates during the recruitment process.

Addressing the global attention drawn to the sudden reorientation of its national defense strategy, Beijing said Thursday (Jan. 16) that the change will maintain the quality of its army. It added that a smaller number of soldiers will be recruited during each session to ensure that military outfits retain their sharp focus.

The Chinese government hopes the new strategy will also increase respect for military personnel in the country, reported CNA.