Carrefour Taiwan says sales of koala cookies aid animals amid wildfires

Carrefour Taiwan confirms that proceeds of Lotte Koala's March cookies go to aid koalas affected by Australian wildfires

Injured Koala (left), cookie package. (Koala Hospital Port Macquarie Facebook, Carrefour photos)

Injured Koala (left), cookie package. (Koala Hospital Port Macquarie Facebook, Carrefour photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As wildfires continue to rage in Australia, Carrefour Taiwan on Wednesday (Jan. 15) confirmed that a portion of every sale of Lotte Koala's March cookies goes to a fund that fights to save the cuddly creatures.

The Guardian cited ecologist Chris Dickman as estimating that more than one billion animals have died throughout Australia, excluding fish, frogs, bats, and insects. In recent weeks, a heart-wrenching video and images of koalas desperately clambering for water handouts have flashed on TV news broadcasts, with fires killing an estimated 25,000 koalas on Kangaroo Island alone and about 30 percent of the population nationwide, according to ABC.

On its Facebook page on Wednesday, Carrefour Taiwan announced that the South Korean conglomerate Lotte has contributed a percentage of the proceeds of koala cookie sales to the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) since 1994. An AKF logo on the box showing a mother hugging her cub indicates the firm's partnership with the charity.

An international non-profit organization, the AKF was established in 1986 and is "dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the wild koala and its habitat," according to its official website. The organization has been working actively to protect the species during the ongoing Australian wildfires.

Official AKF logo. (AKF Facebook photo)

Carrefour Taiwan Facebook announcement confirming portion of sales goes to aid Koalas: