Tourism breathes new life into S. Taiwan's Kenting, passes 4 million mark

Kenting tourism in 2018 was adversely impacted by China’s policy of restricting citizens from visiting Taiwan, overcharging incident in 2017

(Wikipedia photo)

(Wikipedia photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The number of visitors to the Hengchun Peninsula, which includes Kenting, broke the four-million mark in 2019, Liberty Times reported.

Kenting National Park Headquarters data showed that the number of visitors to various attractions in the Kenting area totaled 4,003,810 in 2019, which is 436,435 more visitors than the 3,567,375 recorded in 2018, according to the report.

Kenting tourism in 2018 was adversely impacted by China’s policy of restricting its citizens from visiting Taiwan and by an overcharging incident that occurred at the end of 2017, the news outlet said.

Pingtung B&B Association Chair Lin Shu-min (林淑敏) said that many business owners were worried President Tsai Ing-wen’s re-election would deal a further blow to Kenting’s tourism as they feared there would be no Chinese visitors going forward, Liberty Times reported.

However, Lin disagreed, saying that Kenting cannot rely solely on Chinese tourists, as problems have emerged in China’s economy, while Kenting’s tourist industry has transformed to attract visitors looking for in-depth tourism instead of boisterous visitors engaging in shallow experiences, the report said.

Pingtung County’s Transportation and Tourism Department attributed the area's reversal of fortune to business owners and local residents’ efforts to improve the quality of local environment and travel, which it said has changed people’s negative perception of Kenting.