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New YouBikes launched in Taipei's Gongguan

Rental fee for latest edition of YouBike is NT$2 for first 30 minutes until April 15

New YouBikes in Gongguan District.

New YouBikes in Gongguan District. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The latest edition of the YouBike was launched in Gongguan District of Taipei City today (Jan. 15), with 1,800 parking docks installed and 500 bikes available for a rental fee of NT$2 for the first 30 minutes.

The new YouBike system is not compatible with that of the original one, said Chen Shyue-tair (陳學台), commissioner of the Taipei City Government’s transportation department. Renters of the new YouBikes should return them to their designated docks, which are painted white and can be found at 102 docking stations throughout Gongguan District.

The rental fee is $NT2 for the first 30 minutes and NT$10 every 30 minutes thereafter. The discount will last through April 15.

The appearance of the new YouBike is slightly different from the first edition. It is painted white and yellow instead of the original orange and yellow.

The new bike comes with a dashboard on the bike stem and a keyless locking system. It can be rented via EasyCard or by screening its QR code with a mobile phone app.

Chen said the city government aimed to gradually replace the first edition of city bikes with the new ones within five years. But since the new YouBikes have only been launched by Taipei City Government, renters traveling from Taipei to New Taipei will have to change bikes when crossing the city limit.

New YouBikes launched in Taipei's Gongguan
New-edition YouBike (left) and original. (CNA photo)