Taiwan's Tainan lit up at night to boost historic city's appeal

Tainan famed for historic sites dating back to Japanese rule, Ming and Qing dynasties

Tainan Confucius Temple (CNA/TMACH photo )

Tainan Confucius Temple (CNA/TMACH photo )

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The southern city of Tainan has embarked on a lighting environment improvement project that seeks to revitalize the municipality celebrated for its historical heritage.

Tainan, the island country’s capital from 1683–1887 under the Qing dynasty, has preserved a plethora of historic sites dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties as well as the Japanese colonial period.

In a bid to reinvigorate the old city, the Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage (TMACH) implemented a project last year to illuminate edifices of historical significance at night. The plan aims to bring out the elegance of the city by spotlighting its architectural characteristics, wrote CNA.

The lit-up cityscape encompasses historical spots such as Tainan Confucius Temple, Tainan Wude Hall (Old Tainan Martial Arts Hall), the Former Tainan Shinto Shrine Office, Hayashi Department Store, the Tainan Art Museum Building (former Tainan Police Department), the Memorial Hall of Shitao Ye, the Tainan Judicial Museum (former Tainan District Court), and Catholic Window Press, said the TMACH.

The edifices will be lit between 5 and 9 p.m, with the surrounding sidewalks being lit between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Lighting will be adjusted to take aesthetics and environmental factors into consideration, said the city government.