Chairman of Taiwan’s StarLux Airlines to pilot maiden flight during CNY holiday

Chairman Chang Kuo-wei dubbed ‘Prince Hamlet’ for tale involving family feud with EVA Air

StarLux Airlines Chairman Chang Kuo-wei (StarLux Airlines Facebook photo)

StarLux Airlines Chairman Chang Kuo-wei (StarLux Airlines Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — StarLux Airlines Chairman Chang Kuo-wei (張國煒) will pilot the start-up’s maiden flight himself on Jan. 23, the first day of the week-long Lunar New Year holiday.

Chang will assume the role of pilot for a round-trip flight from Taoyuan to Macau (JX203) and back (JX204), said the company in a Facebook post. This will take place following the ceremony for the commencement of the airline's commercial operations.

Chang, son of Chang Yung-fa (張榮發), founder of EVA Air, one of Taiwan's two major air carriers, was previously a chairman of the company with ample experience as a pilot and aircraft technician. He was later ousted at a board meeting in a bitter family feud, which prompted him to establish StarLux Airlines, earning him the epithet of “Prince Hamlet.”

The company’s first aircraft, an Airbus A321neo, was flown back from Hamburg by Chang in December, 2019. He had acquired certification as a captain for the Airbus A320neo family of planes, according to StarLux’s Facebook page.

Tickets sold out in just a few minutes after StarLux Airlines launched ticket sales on Dec. 16 last year, with destinations including Macau, Vietnam’s Da Nang, and Malaysia’s Penang. The start-up is planning to recruit 300 additional staffers to meet the needs of the airline's operations.