Xinhua in S. Taiwan officially recognized as 'classic' town

Also known as 'Tainan’s back garden,' it's a lively place rich in history, food, and scenic attractions

The Su family mansion (Tainan City Government photo)

The Su family mansion (Tainan City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tainan City's Xinhua District has been selected as one of “Taiwan’s 30 classic towns” for 2020, according to a Tainan City Government press release on Tuesday (Jan. 7).

After Houbi and Yanshuei districts were selected as classic towns in a poll conducted by Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau in 2019, Xinhua becomes Tainan’s third town to receive such recognition.

Upon hearing the news, Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che (黃偉哲) said, “Wow! This is one of Tainan residents’ secret places!" He sincerely invited the public to visit the “award-winning” town, which is known as “Tainan’s back garden,” according to the press release.

Xinhua, the trading center for agricultural produce grown in the neighboring hilly areas, is a lively town rich in history, culture, gastronomic delicacies, and scenic attractions.

Attractions include Hutoupi (虎頭埤), Taiwan’s first reservoir, National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) Xinhua Forest Station (國立中興大學新化林場), the only low-altitude tropical forest farm in Taiwan, Tainan Golf Club, and the Tavokan Cultural Area (大目降文化園區).

A number of attractions are located within or near cultural areas, such as Xinhua Old Street, Martial Arts Hall, Japanese dormitories, a Japanese garden, Story House, Yang Kuei Literature Memorial Museum (楊逵文學紀念館), and the ancient mansion of the Su Family (蘇家古厝), which was built in 1840 with red tiles, carved beams, and painted panels. A market is set up on the old street for Lunar New Year that sells traditional foods and commodities during the festival.

Tainan’s Bureau of Tourism said Xinhua is suitable to visit all year round, with the Lunar New Year market open from Jan. 18-23 this year. Also well worth a visit are firefly season at the NCHU Xinhua Forest Station in April, the Tainan May Jam, and the golden tree flowering season in May and June.


Xinhua Old Street

Xinhua Old Street Lunar New Year market

NCHU Xinhua Forest Station

(Tainan City Government photos)