Two Taiwanese women in search of local wisdom

By teaching the practice of narration educators also promote knowledge of Lanyu culture

Tseng Ru (National Academy for Educational Research photo)

Tseng Ru (National Academy for Educational Research photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tseng Ru (曾如) and Chen Shu-chen (陳淑貞), both directors at Taitung County’s Lanyu Senior High School, were guests on the latest episode of the I-Fun Learning website's "Celebrity Interviews."

I-Fun Learning is part of the National Academy for Educational Research (NAER), which provides resources for teachers and students. On the show, they talked about their efforts to promote local education at the school they teach and how they wanted to let local students know that Lanyu is home to a strong culture.

“The original motive for my coming here was simple. It was because this place was very natural, which matched my personality,” Tseng said. “I feel that interactions between people here are very natural and sincere, more in line with the way I thought interpersonal relationship should be, including relationships between students and their parents.”

On the day of the interview, Chen was teaching a lesson about the practice of narration. Chen said she had students stationed at two Lanyu attractions, who serve as narrators for tourists free of charge. In addition to learning about narration, the students can also understand the wisdom of their ancestors in such a natural environment, she added.

Tseng said that in terms of learning, it’s better for local students to start learning about their own environment, which is easier for them to relate to. Then they can expand to the subject of culture, she added.

Chen Shu-chen (National Academy for Educational Research photo)

(National Academy for Educational Research photo)