Amazon Web Services brings latest cloud services to Taipei in 2019

re:Invent 2019 united Taiwan's computing experts, unveiled future of cloud technology

AWS recapped re:Invent 2019 in Taipei Jan. 8.

AWS recapped re:Invent 2019 in Taipei Jan. 8. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Amazon Web Service (AWS) held its “re:Invent 2019 re:Cap” in Taipei on Wednesday (Jan. 8) and introduced its expanding cloud services to the world.

AWS plays a critical role in Amazon’s global expansion, for a business that brought in $36 billion in revenue, on the back of a 35 percent annual growth rate for 2019. The company offers more than 175 services on its cloud platform, including data storage, machine learning, developer tools, and more.

Re:Invent is the largest annual AWS event, where thousands of participants from around the world gather for forums, boot camps, and hands-on labs to hone their skills in cloud computing. Last year, AWS released more than 70 new features at re:Invent, ranging from quantum computing to interregional data transition, at a one-week session in Las Vegas.

Looking at machine learning.

Companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and Tinder have shifted their data and services into the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs while focusing on how to provide the perfect guest house, or date, to users.

Many Taiwan enterprises have adopted AWS. For example, Formosa Sumco used machine learning to increase the quality of yields from 97 percent to 99.9 percent for its silicon wafer production. Several electronic device makers have integrated smart speakers and chatbots, such as Alexa and Amazon Lex, to their products, according to Dean Samuels, lead architect at AWS.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a crucial part of cloud computing, and Taiwan's AI experts have made their names on the global stage. At the re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas, a team from the CGI Lab of National Chiao Tung University defeated 16 national champions and won third place in DeepRacer, a global AI-programmed car racing game.

Before that, the lab's AI player had claimed second prize in the World Computer Go Championship. Also the player had the highest winning percentage in the 2048 game, showing the strength of AI development in Taiwan.

As for politics, cloud services are often utilized for their stability. AWS was used to conduct surveys during the Australian federal election, and former U.S. President Barack Obama based his first election campaign on the platform.