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China’s new man in Hong Kong shows shaky leg at short news event

Liaison Office chief nervous about offending Beijing and/or Hong Kong: commentators

Luo Huining (front right) at Monday's press briefing. 

Luo Huining (front right) at Monday's press briefing.  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — When China’s new representative in Hong Kong met the press for the first time, a journalist noted that his leg was shaking during the five-minute briefing.

Last week, following seven months of unrest, China suddenly announced it was appointing Luo Huining (駱惠寧), a former governor of Qinghai and party leader in Shanxi, to succeed Wang Zhimin (王志民) as head of the Liaison Office in the special administrative region.

Luo, a 65-year-old economist, took office on Monday (Jan. 6) and met the media on the same day, the Liberty Times reported.

Even though Luo only gave a brief speech and left immediately afterward, a Hong Kong reporter tweeted that he had noticed the official’s leg shaking all through the event.

Commentators noted that Luo might have been nervous since he held no previous experience dealing with the territory, having suddenly been appointed to the position even though his career in Chinese politics seemed to have been behind him.

The new Liaison Office chief might have been afraid of misspeaking, angering either Beijing or Hong Kong, or both, the Liberty Times quoted a local commentator as saying.

Updated : 2021-06-16 00:57 GMT+08:00