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Taiwan saw record high tourist arrivals in 2019

Chinese, Japanese, South Koreans contributed greatly to country’s tourism boom

Hualien coastline (Hualien Tourist Service Network photo)

Hualien coastline (Hualien Tourist Service Network photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A record high of 11.84 million individuals visited Taiwan in 2019, representing 7 percent growth compared to the 11.07 million seen the previous year.

Chinese accounted for the lion’s share of the total arrivals at 2.71 million, edging up 0.5 percent since 2018. Among the 9.14 million non-Chinese visitors, arrivals from Japan and South Korea increased by 10 percent and 20 percent, respectively, while visitors from New Southbound Policy countries were up 6 percent, according to statistics released by the Tourism Bureau.

The Tourism Bureau has attributed the country’s stellar performance in attracting visitors to two approaches: ramped up international marketing campaigns and cross-sector collaboration.

Last year, Taiwan rolled out such incentives as charter flight subsidies, resulting in 38 flights from Japan and South Korea to Hualien in the fourth quarter alone. The bureau also set up offices in Ho Chi Minh City and London as well as establishing travel promotion facilities in Moscow, Jakarta, Auckland, Sydney, and Vancouver.

In addition, Taiwan actively participated in travel expos in Japan and South Korea in 2019 while joining local universities in boosting the country’s cruise travel business, said the bureau.