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Host families for sniffer puppies needed in central Taiwan

More than 20 sniffer Labrador puppies up for adoption by families living between Changhua and Hsinchu

Sniffer Labradors in need of adoption. 

Sniffer Labradors in need of adoption.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of Finance's (MOF) Customs Administration is currently looking for host families who live between Changhua and Hsinchu Counties to adopt approximately 20 Labrador sniffer puppies.

According to the MOF, five female sniffer dogs owned by the Taiwanese government recently gave birth to puppies, and volunteers are needed since their original caretakers do not have enough space to accommodate them. The dogs of each litter have the same coloring — cream, black, white, or brown — and are to be trained as future sniffer dogs.

The MOF said that households with medium to large yards are encouraged to apply and that all the puppies' breeding expenses will be provided by the government. When host families are traveling away from home, the puppies can also be temporarily kept at training centers, where they will receive professional care, reported CNA.

Since the puppies' monthly training will take place in Taichung, applicants must reside between Hsinchu and Changhua in order to avoid expensive commutes. The MOF officials also pointed out that raising a sniffer puppy is different from raising a normal pet because it has to be independent and cannot grow too attached to its owners.

According to government statistics, only 20 percent of the puppies that receive training will become sniffer dogs, while the others will be assigned as rescue dogs and accelerant detention canines. A perfect sniffer Labrador candidate also needs to be outgoing and bold, and "gentle affection" is key to developing its independence, the officials added.

For more information, please email or visit the MOF website.