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Taiwan tycoon says daughter will pay up for embezzlement case

Sun says amount totaled NT$50 million, not NT$120 million that prosecutors claim

Businessman Jack Sun (second from right) at the Taipei District Court. 

Businessman Jack Sun (second from right) at the Taipei District Court.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Detained tycoon Jack Sun (孫道存) told a court Thursday (Jan. 2) that his daughter and son-in-law would pay the money in an embezzlement case, though he disputed the amount the prosecutors had listed.

On New Year’s Day, the former Pacific Electric Wire and Cable (PEWC, 太平洋電信電纜公司) chairman had been scheduled to return home after serving a three-year jail term for an NT$20 billion (US$668 million) embezzlement case, but he was immediately detained again on other charges.

Prosecutors have accused Sun of syphoning off more than NT$120 million from two funds, yet at a Taipei District Court hearing on Thursday, he acknowledged the fact but disputed the amount.

The businessman said he had already returned more than NT$22 million and that he believed his daughter and son-in-law would pay the remaining NT$50 million, CNA reported.

While the report did not mention names, Sun was apparently referring to Aimee Sun (孫芸芸) and Henry Liao (廖震漢 ), the couple at the helm of the Breeze Center shopping malls.

Sun argued he should be allowed to return home since if he had wanted to escape the country, he would have already had ample opportunity to do so. During his recent prison stint, Sun was allowed to spend holidays at home up to 19 times. Arguing in favor of his release, he said that all of his relatives, including his 96-year-old mother, lived in Taiwan.

Updated : 2021-06-23 20:18 GMT+08:00