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Bosnia prosecutor charges ex-security minister with graft

Bosnia prosecutor charges ex-security minister with graft

Prosecutors in Bosnia filed charges against the Balkan country's former security minister and three other people Monday for alleged corruption involving a project financed by the European Union.

The organized crime and corruption department of the national prosecutor's office accused former minister Dragan Mektic of abusing his position for personal financial gain during implementation of the project, which focused on firefighting and cross-country cooperation.

Mektic denied the allegations, telling Bosnian media they were politically motivated.

The other suspects include two of Mektic's ex-aides and the owner of a Sarajevo-based fire protection institute.

The four allegedly arranged equipment purchases and the hiring process in the 198,000 euro- ( $222,000) project t o make money. Th e prosecutors said they have 31 witnesses and the case inflicted 124,000 euros ($138,000) in damages.

Mektic served as Bosnia's security minister until a week ago, when a new government took office.