Writer of humorous fairy tales has unique idea about finding writing inspiration

Lin recommends reading more to improve one's writing skills

Lin Che-chang (National Academy for Educational Research photo)

Lin Che-chang (National Academy for Educational Research photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Renowned children’s literature author Lin Che-chang (林哲璋) was invited to be the guest in a recent episode of Celebrity Interviews on the I-Fun Learning website, and he touched on a number of topics, including creative writing techniques and sources of inspiration.

I-Fun Learning is part of the National Academy for Educational Research (NAER), which provides resources for teachers and students.

In this episode, Lin recommended doing more reading to improve one's writing. After people have accumulated reading experiences that have made them feel amused, sad, or angry, they will be able to emulate these feelings and channel them into their writing, he added.

When inspiration is depleted, it is a good time to look for a new source, he continued, adding that going out of the house, such as to visit a night market to see all the foods being cooked and sold, can provide interesting real-life material to write about.

(National Academy for Educational Research photo)