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Dry, mild weather forecast for New Year's Eve in Taiwan

Chance of precipitation in Taipei low on New Year's Eve, temperatures could dip to 14 C

Dry, mild weather forecast for New Year's Eve in Taiwan

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Soaking rainfall will continue throughout Monday (Dec. 30) across the island under the influence of a wet monsoon, and the mercury is expected to drop to 14 degrees Celsius early on Tuesday (Dec. 31) in the northern part of the country as a northeasterly wind intensifies.

According to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB), lows in northern Taiwan reached between 16 and 17 degrees early Monday morning, 17 to 19 degrees in central and southern Taiwan, and 17 to 18 degrees in the eastern counties of Yilan, Hualien, and Taitung.

The weather is forecast to remain wet and cool in the north on Tuesday, New Year's Eve, with temperatures to hover between 15 and 18 degrees. Meanwhile, the central and southern parts of the country will see dry weather and temperatures ranging between 18 and 25 degrees.

New Year's Eve revealers are expected to gather in droves in front of Taipei 101 for the spectacular fireworks and LED light displays. The CWB said the chance of precipitation that evening is low, but temperatures could dip down to 14 degrees.

The cold air mass is expected to retreat on Thursday (Jan. 2) to be followed by warm, humid air with sunny and partly cloudy skies.

Updated : 2021-10-18 03:40 GMT+08:00