Taipei-Hualien shuttle bus gets big makeover

Wider, softer seats to make 4-hour journey more comfortable

The shuttle bus from Taipei to Hualien “Hui Yo Hau.” (Taiwan News photo)

The shuttle bus from Taipei to Hualien “Hui Yo Hau.” (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The shuttle bus from Taipei to Hualien was launched with a new design on Thursday (Dec. 26), featuring a sleeker, more spacious interior.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Taiwan Design Center introduced the redesigned shuttle bus, dubbed the “Hui You Hau” (回遊號), on Thursday (Dec. 26). A total of 11 buses from three different bus companies will hit the road on Jan. 6. 2020 with the reopening of the Suhua Highway and the opening of eight tunnels.

Newly designed seats will make the four-hour journey more comfortable. (Taiwan News photo)

The buses' graphics and interior were designed by 247 Visual Art Studio and U10 Inc. Company, respectively. Duncan Huang (黃顯勛), the top designer of 247 Visual Art Studio, stated that the studio had used Hualien-inspired materials and a “less is more” style in the design.

According to Huang, the eight oval-shaped logos on the buses represent Hualien’s signature cobblestones. He pointed out that the design team had used soft colors and lighting in a departure from the traditional look of shuttle buses, the interiors of which are often crammed with different colors.

In order to create a comfortable riding experience, Huang explained, wider, softer seats have been installed. Additionally, the signs inside the buses meet regulations, but they have been made simpler and easier to read.

The buses will enter service on Jan. 6 2020, and tickets can be booked on the Ubus (統聯), Taipei Bus (台北客運), and Capital Bus (首都客運) websites.

Bathroom equipped with quality toilet and sink. (Taiwan News photo)

Barrier-free space for passengers with disabilities. (Taiwan News photo)