Taiwan filmmakers to bring campus ghost story on-screen

Movie based on spooky real-life experience of Tunghai University student set for release in 2020

"The Bridge Curse" originates from Tunghai University campus story.

"The Bridge Curse" originates from Tunghai University campus story. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The creators of the popular horror movie series "The Tag-Along" are poised to drop another ghostly film set in Taiwan with their announcement on Thursday (Dec. 26) of the release date for "The Bridge Curse," which will bring the spooky real-life experience of a Tunghai University (THU) student to the silver screen.

The inspiration for the new horror-thriller comes from a well-known campus legend at Taichung City's THU in which the staircase near a campus bridge is rumored to spawn one extra step at midnight, when the spirit of a female student appears and ask passersby for the time. The bridge was initially constructed for students' use, but due to its remote location, stories were created and the bridge received the nickname "Female Ghost Bridge," reported Youth Daily News.

In 2016, THU student Li Le (李樂) wanted to put the spine-chilling tale to the test and decided to livestream his adventure at the notorious bridge, only to be warned by a frightened Facebook audience that the figure of a woman was hanging from the trees behind him. Li said that he quickly fled the scene and later deleted the video.

The production team said that the film depicts a supernatural encounter by members of a university student organization as they try to uncover the truth behind the widespread campus legend. It said that new elements were added to Li's livestreaming incident to add different layers of fright and that the film adopts a faster pace than most horror films in Taiwan.

"The Bridge Curse" was directed by Shih Yueh-Lung (奚岳隆) and boasts a talented cast, including J.C. Lin (林哲熹), Summer Meng (孟耿如), Vera Yen (嚴正嵐)). It will be released in theaters throughout Taiwan on Feb. 27, 2020, reported CNA.

THU student captures ghost-like figure on livestream video. (Facebook photo)

"Female Ghost Bridge" at Tunghai University. (THU photo)