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Man stabs woman in front of several children, kills her

Man stabs woman in front of several children, kills her

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A man killed a woman in north Philadelphia on Wednesday, repeatedly stabbing her and even chasing her outside the home at one point in an attack witnessed by several children, according to police.

One of the children, a 14-year-old, was also wounded in the attack and was taken to a hospital, WPVI-TV reported, citing police. In all, there were six children in the home at the time of the Christmas attack, ranging in age from 8 to 16.

Police believe the 33-year-old perpetrator and the 35-year-old woman are or were once partners, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told WPVI.

Inside the home, there were signs of a violent fight: large amounts of blood, broken glass and overturned furniture, Small said. The attack apparently began in the early hours of Wednesday inside the home. The man then chased the woman into the street, where police found her. She was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Updated : 2021-06-24 12:03 GMT+08:00