Best riverside parks for admiring Taipei 101 fireworks and welcoming 2020

HEO recommends Rainbow, Meiti Riverside Parks on north bank of Keelung River and Guanshan, Yingfeng Riverside Parks on south bank

Rainbow Riverside Park (Taipei Hydraulic Engineering Office photo)

Rainbow Riverside Park (Taipei Hydraulic Engineering Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — For those who have no wish to experience the stifling crowds that accompany watching the Taipei 101 New Year firework display at the foot of the skyscraper or on the adjacent Elephant Mountain, Taipei’s Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) has recommended four riverside parks.

The HEO recommends the Rainbow and Meiti Riverside Parks on the north bank of the Keelung River in Neihu District and Songshan District's Guanshan and Yingfeng Riverside Parks on the south bank. The HEO’s River Administration Section said that the Rainbow Riverside Park is definitely the best riverside park from which to watch Taipei 101's fireworks due to its upwind location, where the show can be clearly seen free from disappointing smoke.

In addition to the Rainbow Riverside Park, the Meiti, Guanshan, and Yingfeng Riverside Parks are also ideal, according to the office. Not only can people watch the spectacular Taipei 101 fireworks display but they can also hear the countdown on the square in front of Taipei City Hall and watch fireworks shot off from the Miramar Entertainment Park at the same time, the office added.

Those who watch the fireworks at these parks also have a chance to get a parking space at one of the riverside parking lots. The office advised the public to get to one of them early, select a place with a nice view of the city's iconic skyscraper, lay down a picnic blanket on the lawn, and welcome the new year.

Yingfeng Riverside Park (Taipei Hydraulic Engineering Office photo)