Puyuma marks completion of railway electrification

South-Link Line electrification between Chaozhou and Fangliao townships finished

Puyuma marks completion of railway electrification

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Puyuma train pulled into Fangliao Railway Station in southern Taiwan on Sunday (Dec. 22) to mark completion of the railway electrification between Chaozhou and Fangliao townships, which is part of the electrification project of the South-Link Line still under way, CNA reported.

Electrification of the South-Link Line is the final stage for around-the-island railway electrification.

The Puyuma train departed from Taipei's Nangang station in the morning and arrived in Fangliao at 12:30 p.m. Fangliao Township Mayor Chen Ya-lin (陳亞麟), village chiefs and press photographers were waiting for the train, according to the news agency.

Chen said railway electrification will make life in Fangliao more convenient. He added he will push for more Puyuma trains to depart from Fangliao in the future, CNA reported.

A Fangliao resident surnamed Chen said there is currently only one Puyuma service at Fangliao a day. In the future he would like to see many more, at all times of the day, CNA reported.

Electrification cuts down traffic time by 30 minutes for the 30 train services between Xinzuoying and Fangliao stations, which previously required a transfer. The number of train services between the two stations increased from 74 to 77, beginning Sunday, which has resulted in adjustment of the service schedule, according to CNA.