Taiwan citizen blasted for posting photos of nude women soaking in Japanese hot spring

Taiwanese whistle-blower called for public condemnation of netizen who took photos of naked women in hot spring

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese national has enraged the Japanese by posting photos of naked women soaking in a hot spring on Instagram, according to a Taiwanese netizen who broke the story on Monday (Dec. 16).

The Taiwanese whistle-blower took to to call for the public condemnation of a Taiwanese who secretly took photos of nude women while they bathed in hot spring in Japan. The netizen posted a screenshot of the original Instagram post that had angered so many Japanese social media users.

The whistle-blower also included a message from their Japanese friend meant to be read by the Instagram user who posted the nude photos. The message, which had been translated into Chinese, urged the person to delete the post, saying that the Japanese people care very much about their privacy.

“You posted the photo on Instagram to please your friends, but if you look at the Japanese, you should be angry with your own behavior,” the message read. “Insane Taiwanese should not visit Japan again.”

The whistle-blower also voiced his views in his post, saying “This behavior has shamed Taiwanese people and should be strongly condemned. Taiwan is a beautiful country, a precious island full of humanity and compassion. However, the behavior of this shameless person has ruined the good image earned by many Taiwanese predecessors.”

Updated : 2021-01-25 00:04 GMT+08:00