Taiwan food delivery driver reunites with dog 5 years after it went missing

Man says job gave him more than expected: a reunion with his beloved family member

(Image courtesy of FB@cowbipanda)

(Image courtesy of FB@cowbipanda)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese food delivery driver burst into tears when he came across a long-lost friend during a routine delivery last week.

This man took to Facebook on Saturday (Dec. 14) to share this emotional moment with the foodpanda community, saying he ran across a dog that looks exactly like his dachshund, which went missing five years ago, while delivering a meal to an apartment the previous day,

"I immediately called out his name. The dog reacted with excitement and jumped on me," the man wrote. He examined the dog more closely and confirmed that there was no mistake.

When the customer answered the door and saw the scene, the delivery driver explained the situation in hopes that their family could return the dog, which they agreed to do. On the Facebook page, the man posted a picture of the dog, writing that the job had given him more than he expected: a reunion with his beloved family member.