First airport capsule hotel opens in Taiwan

Capsule hotel offers cozy, relaxing accommodations combined with ‘Taiwan tea’ experience

The Stay capsule hotel

The Stay capsule hotel (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Passengers in transit at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport can now enjoy some quick, quality sleep at the country’s first airport capsule hotel, which opened its doors on Saturday (Dec. 14).

Located inside Terminal 2's Taiwan Temple Avenue, The Stay is operated by Fawn Group, a Taiwan hospitality business best known for building boutique hotels. It boasts 100 bed-sized rooms available at affordable prices.

A collaboration with The Home of Taiwan Tea, the pod hotel features tea-themed décor and plentiful use of wood for a cozy and relaxing feel. Visitors can also relish what the hotel describes as a “five senses tea experience,” which involves sipping a free cup of signature Taiwanese tea before embarking on their journey.

Passengers in between flights also have the option to indulge themselves with delicacies such as Michelin-starred cuisine at the newly inaugurated food court on the same floor. Designed to evoke the nostalgia of a 1930s Taiwan street scene, the food court also has arts and craft stores and is adjacent to the nation's largest airport observation deck.

The Stay offers overnight and hourly accommodation. The rates per night range from NT$1,200 (US$40) to NT$5,000, while hourly rates start at NT$500 (US$17) for two hours. Amenities can be rented or purchased, including towels, recharging units, luggage locks, tea pillows, and toiletries.

The Stay capsule hotel (Taiwan News photos)