I-Fun Learning website helps Taiwan students prepare for 2019 curriculum

16 individuals shared their life stories on I-Fun Learning website’s Celebrity Interviews unit

National Academy for Educational Research's I-Fun Learning website. (NAER photo)

National Academy for Educational Research's I-Fun Learning website. (NAER photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Since the establishment of Taiwan’s National Academy for Educational Research (NAER) I-Fun Learning website in 2012, the academy has integrated various online learning platforms in order to provide students with learning resources and teachers with more teaching materials to choose from.

The website also enlists help from partnering campuses and advisory groups to hold local promotional activities. The website provides a platform for teachers and students around the country to demonstrate their abilities in visual expression and communication by submitting their work.

This year, the I-Fun Learning website invited 16 individuals whose careers and achievements reflect the core value of this year's curriculum to share their life stories via video episodes in the website’s Celebrity Interviews unit.

To provide more diverse learning materials for Taiwanese students, the website this year has launched its special Fun Learning Film Festival, which has collected 20 quality films from a variety of sources, including domestic film festivals, TV stations, and media production companies.

Fun Learning Film Festival section on I-Fun Learning website. (NAER photo)