Tuvalu prime minister urges UN to recognize Taiwan

Leader of South Pacific country applauds Taiwan’s contributions to climate change control

Kausea Natano, with Taiwan's ambassador Marc Su

Kausea Natano, with Taiwan's ambassador Marc Su (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tuvalu Prime Minister Kausea Natano said Wednesday (Dec. 11) at the United Nations (UN) Climate Conference that Taiwan should be allowed to participate in global affairs.

During the 25th UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) in Madrid, Spain, world leaders were invited to share solutions to climate change. Natano urged global communities to enhance partnerships with each other and generate ideas to adapt to the fast-changing environment.

Natano said the South Pacific country has been exploring innovative solutions, such as constructing artificial islands, but the project requires financial support from its international allies. He also expressed hope of a limit to the increase in global temperature to under 1.5 degree Celsius.

Natano argued that all nations should contribute to protect the planet and asked for Taiwan to be permitted to take part in the process. "We must open the door and allow Taiwan to become a member of the climate change community," he said.

In a post-conference phone interview with CNA, the Tuvalu leader said that Taiwan should be accepted as an independent country and he would defend it against China's influence. He also promised to visit Taiwan sometime next year after the January presidential election.