Taipei's Hi-Life ATM provides foreign currency exchange

No handling fee on exchanges that accept foreign banknotes in exchange for New Taiwan dollars

(Hi-Life photo)

(Hi-Life photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Hi-Life convenience store in the Dihua business circle in Taipei has an ATM that can carry out foreign currency exchange services, accepting foreign banknotes such as US dollars, Japanese yen, and Renminbi in exchange for New Taiwan dollar (NTD) banknotes.

The machine can also change NT dollars into USD, RMB, and JPY, according to a statement from the country's third-largest convenience store chain.

To tap into the growing tourist market, Hi-Life is rolling out the foreign currency exchange service at the store, in collaboration with Shin Kong Commercial Bank. It offers a free or extremely low handling fee, following a cross-border payment initiative with South Korea's GLN Hana Members, announced in September.

Hana Members can make payments at Hi-Life's 1,380 stores across Taiwan, using e-pockets, by presenting their individual QR codes on their phones.

The convenience store said on Tuesday (Dec. 10) that foreign banknotes such as US$50, RMB100, JPY10,000 can be exchanged at Hi-Life's Dihua store. A daily exchange limit varies according to the currency, which stands at NT$100,000 and RMB20,000.

There will be no handling fees for exchanging banknotes, or for Shin Kong debit card holders who withdraw foreign bank notes from the ATM. There will be a charge of NT$5 for other banks’ debit card holders.