Singapore recommends Taiwan for Christmas

A media outlet from the city state recommends four places in Taiwan for Xmas and New Year vacation

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — With Christmas just around the corner, a Singapore media outlet is recommending Taiwan as first choice for a Christmas and New Year vacation, citing as reasons convenient public transport, low prices, and no language barrier, CNA reported on Wednesday (Dec. 11).

Singapore’s MediaCorp Channel 8 pointed out that Taiwan's winter is mild compared to countries like Japan and South Korea. Therefore, it's an ideal place for Singaporeans who want to escape the heat but are afraid of cold weather.

As most Singaporeans use their year-end vacation to take an overseas trip, the media outlet recommended four locations in Taiwan. These included Taipei 101, Christmasland in New Taipei, Christmas village in Taoyuan, and Pingtung Park.

The outlet said that Taipei 101’s Christmas gift dream factory dazzles visitors with its delightful Xmas decorations outside the shopping mall. Inside, from the first to the fourth floor, there are also bright lights and decorations.

New Taipei Christmasland has the tallest Christmas tree in Taiwan, light shows, romantic Xmas illuminations, and New Year countdown activities, according to CNA. In Taoyuan, business owners have created a Christmas village, while Pingtung Park has been turned into a fairyland of sparkling golden lights, CNA quoted the Singapore media outlet as saying.

Trust Lin (林信任), director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Office, said the number of Singaporeans visiting Taiwan has increased every year over the past 10 years. The number grew 7.33 percent from January to October compared to the same period the previous year, while the number for the entire year is expected to break the 450,000 mark, CNA reported Lin as saying.

Updated : 2021-01-27 13:12 GMT+08:00