Taiwan's Alishan Railway opens group registration for first sunrise of 2020

2,760 pre-sale train tickets available for popular New Year celebration spot

10 Alishan trains to transport visitors to New Year sunrise.

10 Alishan trains to transport visitors to New Year sunrise. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To ensure a comfortable environment for visitors to enjoy the first sunset of 2020, the Forestry Bureau's Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office (AFRCHO) on Tuesday (Dec. 10) announced the pre-sale of 2,760 New Year's Eve train tickets.

A total of 10 trains are scheduled to arrive at Alishan's Zhushan Station (祝山車站), a popular gathering point for local and international tourists wishing to embrace the new year's first morning light. As the highest train station in Taiwan, sitting at 2,451 meters above sea level, it provides visitors with the perfect observation deck from which to enjoy not only sunrises but also the luxuriant red maple trees nearby.

According to AFRCHO, groups of 30 and more can reserve their seats on the New Year train rides from Tuesday until all 2,760 tickets are sold out. It added that individual visitors can purchase their tickets at the Alishan Railway Station ticket booth beginning from Dec. 31 at 1 p.m., with a 10-ticket limit for each person, reported UDN.

Passengers who wish to purchase concession tickets might be asked to display their IDs, AFRCHO said. There will be no assigned seats for trains leaving Zhushan Station, reported CNA.

Many Taiwanese watch the first sunset of the year from Alishan. (CNA photo)