Balmy weather forecast for Taiwan over weekend

Temperatures on Friday will climb to 30 degrees in northern Taiwan, even higher in rest of country


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A balmy 30 degrees Celsius is forecast for most of Taiwan from Friday (Dec. 13) through Monday (Dec. 16) after the arrival of another cold wave on Wednesday (Dec. 11).

Temperatures fell to as low as 8.6 degrees over the past few days in northern Taiwan and 14 degrees in the south, while the strong cold air mass began to weaken on Tuesday (Dec. 10) around noon, sending temperatures up to 25 degrees in the north, according to Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮).

Meanwhile, daytime temperatures on Tuesday will bounce back to 27 degrees in central Taiwan, 29 degrees in the south, and 26 degrees in the north, while day and nighttime temperatures could vary by as much as 10 degrees. However, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said the mercury will drop to as low as 10 degrees in Hsinchu and Hualien and between 13 and 16 degrees for the rest of the island after midnight.

The country's weather is expected to turn cooler Wednesday morning until Thursday (Dec. 12) due to the arrival of moist northeasterly winds. Occasional precipitation is expected in the northeastern and in mountainous areas in northern Taiwan.

From Friday, the temperature will climb to 30 degrees in northern Taiwan and even higher for the rest of the country, according to Wu.

The Taipei Marathon is coming up on Sunday morning (Dec. 15). Tens of thousands of runners from a dozen countries and regions are set to take over sunny Taipei's roads, including a group of Hong Kong runners who are said to be dressed in black attire, facial masks, and helmets to raise attention to the dire situation in that city.