Photo of the Day: Painful massage in Taipei

Buyer's remorse: Street mural in Taipei riverside park appears to show man receiving a painful massage

Mural at Taipei riverside park

Mural at Taipei riverside park (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — This colorful mural on a wall at a riverside park in Taipei appears to show a customer getting more than they bargained for from a deep tissue massage.

The photo of the piece, by an unknown artist, was taken at an area designated for graffiti in Songshan's District's Yingfeng Riverside Park on Monday afternoon (Dec. 9). In the mural, a man with pink skin and purple hair is grimacing in pain, while a burly man with turquoise skin wearing a uniform with the number 888 is gritting his teeth as he digs his fist and elbow into the hapless pink man's back.

The pink-skinned man is sweating profusely and is obviously in a great deal of discomfort. Anyone who has had a traditional deep tissue massage (指壓) in Taiwan can relate to the pain inflicted during this process.

Many Taiwanese have a much higher tolerance for pain when it comes to body and foot massages than Westerners, who are more accustomed to lighter, Swedish-style massages. Ironically, an incense stick can be seen burning on the counter with a smoke plume forming the word "relax."

(Taiwan News photo)