French travel show visits Xiao Liuqiu Island in S. Taiwan

Popular TV show host impressed with environmentally-friendly tableware and breathtaking scenery

French TV host Jerome Pitorin and Taiwan tour guide.

French TV host Jerome Pitorin and Taiwan tour guide. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – French travel TV show "Echappees belles" visited Taiwan earlier this year and was mesmerized by the beauty and eco-friendly designs on Xiao Liuqiu Island in Pingtung County.

With help from Taiwan's Tourism Bureau and Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration (DBNSA), the French travel program was able to film on Taiwan's largest coral island, also known as Xiao Liuqiu (小琉球). Reusable tableware and environmentally friendly thermos bottles were gifted to members of the production team, including show host Jerome Pitorin, as souvenirs and tokens of appreciation for their visit.

The team was also blown away by the invention of "beach money," a currency introduced by DBNSA as part of the island's low-carbon tourism campaign in 2017. Visitors could receive the beach money in exchange for plastic waste and use it on local purchases.

According to CNA, Pitorin took particular interest in the eco-friendly thermos bottles and said he would continue to travel with them while educating more people to be environmentally cautious. Since Xiao Liuqiu is known to be a natural habitat for green sea turtles, many organizations have launched ocean protection movements to ensure the safety of the sea amniotes.

Kuo Fu (郭芙), deputy executive officer of Hiin Studio, said that free thermos bottles had been distributed to visitors over the last six months, while free rental of eco cups, lunch boxes, and tableware were likely to be implemented in 2020. Reusable raincoats would also be placed at hotels for tourists to use, she added.

Production team of "Echappees belles" dines with reusable tableware. (CNA photo)