Newly revamped zoo in N Taiwan to open Dec. 28

Renovated Hsinchu Zoo has no cages, includes new facilities housing insect exhibits

(Hsinchu City Government photo)

(Hsinchu City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The newly revamped Hsinchu Zoo will open on Dec. 28 after being closed for refurbishment for more than two years.

The Hsinchu City Government announced the reopening of the zoo at a press conference on Friday (Dec. 6).

The mascot representing the zoo’s star Hippo, Lele, appeared at the press conference, frolicking with children participating in the event and even sitting on Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-chien (林智堅). The mascot will also interact with visitors at the zoo's opening, according to a news release published on the city government's website.

Built in 1936, Hsinchu Zoo is the oldest of the zoos in Taiwan that still exist at their original sites. The zoo was closed in May 2017 to undergo renovation, which included refurbishing animal exhibits and constructing new facilities to house insects, a family-friendly restaurant, and other inviting features.

According to the Hsinchu City Government, the refurbished zoo has no cages. It is designed with the animals' welfare in mind, so they will have more space to move about and rest, conceal themselves to seek privacy, and live happily. In addition, visitors can enjoy the special experience of looking for animals while they explore the environment.

(Hsinchu City Government photo)