Red maples lend brilliant color to Dasyueshan landscape in central Taiwan

Highest concentrations of red maple leaves can be found along Taichung's Dasyuashan Forest Road at 35-km mark, between 43- and 49-km marks

(Dongshih Forest District Office photo)

(Dongshih Forest District Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Dongshih Forest District Office encourages the public to admire the red maples of Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area before the leaves fall in mid-to-late December, the office said in a press release on Nov. 28.

The maple trees at Dasyueshan are mostly Taiwan red maples, green maples, fragrant maples, and Kawakami maples, according to the news release.

Located in Taichung's Heping District, Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area is about an hour’s drive from Dongshi District. To get there, take Dongkeng Road, which later becomes Dasyueshan Forest Road, and follow it to get to Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area.

Along the road, red spots dotting the verdant forest serve as a guide leading visitors to denser congregations of colorful maple trees, especially around the toll station at the 35-kilometer (km) mark and between Dasyueshan Visitor Center at the 43-km mark and the Siaosyueshan area at the 49-km mark, according to the report. Not only are the leaves still on their branches pleasing to the eye, but so are those that cover the ground like a red carpet, the office added.

In addition, it is now “seas of clouds" season at Dasyueshan, the release said. With clouds drifting between the mountains and maples, the poetic beauty and breathtaking views can only be enjoyed by going there, the office added.

For more information about Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area, please refer to the Dasyueshan Facebook page and Taiwan Forest Recreation website or call the Dasyueshan Visitor Center at (04)25877901.

(Dongshih Forest District Office photo)