North Korea says denuclearization not on negotiating table

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — North Korea said Saturday that denuclearization has “already gone out of the negotiation table” and it does not need to have lengthy talks with the United States now.

North Korea’s U.N. Ambassador Kim Song accused the Trump administration of persistently pursuing a “hostile policy” toward the country “in its attempt to stifle it” — and of using claims that it is engaged in a “sustained and substantial dialogue” with Pyongyang solely for “its domestic political agenda.”

Song’s statement was a response to Wednesday’s condemnation by six European countries of North Korea’s 13 ballistic missile launches since May. The North Korean envoy accused the Europeans of playing “the role of pet dog of the United States in recent months.”

His comments came as prospects dim for a resumption of nuclear diplomacy between the United States and North Korea.