Taiwanese American presidential candidate Yang fears attempt on his life

Yang's staff received threatening e-mails about his New Hampshire campaign

U.S. presidential contender Andrew Yang.

U.S. presidential contender Andrew Yang. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese American presidential candidate Andrew Yang has contacted the FBI after receiving death threats during a tour of New Hampshire.

An Internet user calling himself “HitmanYang” allegedly wrote e-mails threatening to shoot Yang's campaign staff during their visit to the northeastern state, The Hill reported Tuesday (Dec. 3).

The e-mail reportedly said that the shooting would take place when tweets made by the Yang campaign reached a certain number. Members of the alleged conspiracy had pooled money for a bet on how many tweets the Yang campaign would write within a week, according to The Hill.

The FBI declined to comment on the reports of the threat. Meanwhile, Yang continued his run for the Democratic nomination as candidates continue to withdraw from the race.

Yang has been noted for advocating a universal basic income and for his interest in the impact of automation on the economy. He has consistently polled in the middle of the large group of contenders for the Democratic nomination, The Hill reported.