Tigerair Taiwan cooperates with Jetstar on Dohop search platform

Linkup provides Tigerair Taiwan passengers with extra destinations

Tigerair Taiwan to cooperate with Jetstar (photo by lasta29).

Tigerair Taiwan to cooperate with Jetstar (photo by lasta29). (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –Tigerair Taiwan and the Australian-based Jetstar Group announced a “virtual linkup” Wednesday (December 4) which will allow passengers on their various low-cost airlines to make even more convenient connections to reach their destination.

Tigerair Taiwan, which is owned by the island’s main carrier, China Airlines, said the linkup would provide more choice of flights and timetables to their customers on the Dohop search engine platform.

Tigerair Taiwan travelers could now even search destinations not usually reached by the company, such as the Gold Coast and Melbourne in Australia, or the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, the Central News Agency reported.

The travelers could buy one ticket on Dohop which included flights by both Tigerair Taiwan and airlines from the Jetstar Group, the company said. The linkup would also benefit Japanese travelers on domestic routes connecting with flights to Cebu, Kaohsiung or Macau, and Southeast Asian residents heading for Japan or South Korea, according to the agreement signed in Tokyo Wednesday.