Taiwan to limit compensation for victims of typhoon accidents

Hikers and fishing enthusiasts will have to heed government warnings

Taiwan to limit compensation for typhoon hikers.

Taiwan to limit compensation for typhoon hikers. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Victims of accidents while hiking in the mountains or watching the waves during typhoons will no longer automatically receive government compensation, according to a measure approved by the Legislative Yuan Tuesday (December 3).

Last October, the government launched a new policy encouraging the opening of mountain and forest areas to the public, but it also proposed amendments to the National Compensation Act requiring more self-discipline from hikers and fishing enthusiasts, the Central News Agency reported.

On Tuesday, the Legislative Yuan approved the third reading of the changes, which will allow at least a reduction in the level of compensation and maybe a complete ending for hikers who neglect government warnings and still fall victim to an accident during a typhoon.

Officials cautioned that such warnings would not necessarily be limited to signs inside a park, but would also include online or broadcast messages related to special situations, including typhoons.

The reduction or abolition of compensation not only covered accidents involving fishing or watching the waves on the coast, but also passing over a rickety bridge in the mountains during a typhoon if a warning had been made about the state of the structure, CNA reported.