Le Phénix director shares thoughts on performing artists from Taiwan

Collaboration between Taiwan's National Theater and Concert Hall and France's Le Phénix enters 2nd year, continues to promote young artists

Romaric Daurier (CNA photo)

Romaric Daurier (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The director of Le Phénix National Performing Arts Center, Romaric Daurier, shared his views on the upcoming Taiwanese performances in France as part of the Kaidong Project between Taiwan’s National Theater and Concert Hall (NTCH) and Paris' Le Phénix National Performing Arts Center.

Initiated in 2018, the Kaidong Project has entered the second of its four-year lifespan. It still adheres to its initial goal of “accompanying and supporting” young artists of Taiwan and France as they develop groundbreaking works through exchanges in the arts, according to the NTCH.

As part of the partnership, four collaborations take place every year, two in each country. Daurier noted that Taiwanese director Wang Chia-ming's (王嘉明) drama “Dear Life,” which will be performed by Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group at Le Phénix on Dec. 4, has sold out, signaling a good start, according to CNA.

In praise of Taiwan's renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Daurier said he was moved when he watched one of their performances, as he felt the artwork was filled with vitality and could see its inspiration. The artistic director of Cloud Gate 2, Cheng Tsung-lung (鄭宗龍), will lead the “13 Tongues” show, which was inspired by a Taipei storyteller, as it tours France in 2020.

Giving advice to emerging artists, Daurier acknowledged that the convenience provided by the technology of today has made it quite difficult to block out the influence of the Internet. Nevertheless, he said artists must maintain originality and have full confidence in their works, reported CNA.